Question NW325 to the Minister of Tourism

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26 August 2019 - NW325

Profile picture: Krumbock, Mr GR

Krumbock, Mr GR to ask the Minister of Tourism

With reference to the Republic’s missions abroad, (a) what measures are put in place to use the missions in order to increase tourism, (b) what targets have been set for each mission, (c) what targets were achieved by each mission in the past three years, (d) how do the targets set compare to each mission, (e) how is the achievement of targets being monitored and (f) who is monitoring the achievement of targets?


(a) Measures to use the Republic’s missions to increase tourism

Tourism development and promotion has become an important area of economic diplomacy and the Department of Tourism and South African Tourism (SA Tourism) work closely with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) in this regard. SA Tourism supports missions abroad to promote South Africa as the entity responsible for this function.

In order to leverage on the network of South African Embassies in various countries, SA Tourism currently provides support to the Missions in the following ways:

  • Providing DIRCO staff with Tourism Training at all levels, including Heads of Missions
  • Provide SA Embassies with toolkits to promote tourism in various countries
  • Support Missions in country with understanding their consumer, tourism trade and media landscapes, and to identify opportunities to engage them.

(b) What targets have been set for each mission

We don’t set targets for Missions

(c ) – (f) Not Applicable

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