Question NW250 to the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

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20 August 2019 - NW250

Profile picture: Steyn, Ms A

Steyn, Ms A to ask the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

(1) What is the current status of each of the AgriParks; (2) (a) what amount has been (i) budgeted for each park and (ii) spent on it to date and (b) which parks have been completed; (3) whether any outstanding payments is owed to contractors; if so, (a) what amount and (b) to which projects?


(1) Of the proposed 44 Agri-Parks, none have been fully completed. Please refer to Annexure A for a list of projects under implementation and planning status.

The following 4 Agri-Hubs are partially operational:

  • Nchora: EC;
  • Springbokpan: NW;
  • Witzenberg : WC; and
  • Mkhulu Agri-Hub: MP.

The following 23 Farmer Production Support Units (FPSUs) are partially operational:

  • Qamata-Bilatye - FPSU (EC);
  • Emalahleni – FPSU (EC);
  • Makholokoeng – FPSU (FS);
  • Sediba FPSU (Mangaung, FS);
  • Tarlton – FPSU (GP);
  • Bakkerdals - (Westrand: GP);
  • Ndumo FPSU (KZN);
  • Makhatini FPSU (KZN);
  • Nsuze FPSU (KZN);
  • St Paul FPSU (KZN);
  • Mapela FPSU (LP);
  • Nwanedi FPSU (LP);
  • Tshiombo (LP);
  • Huntington FPSU (MP);
  • Dundonald FPSU (MP);
  • Sybrandskraal FPSU (MP);
  • Heuningsvlei FPSU (NC);
  • Eksteenskuil FPSU (NC);
  • Taung FPSU NW);
  • Ebenaeser FPSU (WC);
  • Napier FPSU (WC);
  • Suurbraak PFSU (WC); and
  • Haarlem FPSU (WC)

(2) (a),(i),(ii) Please refer to Annexure B.

(b) There is no fully completed Agri-Park to date.

(3) (a) Invoices are paid as per job completed/ satisfied.

(b) Please refer to Annexure A for projects still under implementation or retention and still to be paid.