Question NW205 to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

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15 August 2019 - NW205

Profile picture: Nxumalo, Mr MN

Nxumalo, Mr MN to ask the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure

In view of the fact that a responsibility for infrastructure has been added to her portfolio, how will she ensure that the mandate of her department, in terms of development and economic growth, is intertwined to rejuvenate the economy and that it works with the construction industry to create jobs?


The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure:

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) and government will act as a catalyst for the private sector and the construction industry to grow and create jobs while transforming the industry.

An infrastructure investment fund of R100 billion has been established as a commitment from Government. It is Government’s hope that the private sector will come on board to contribute towards a “crowd-funding” effect. To improve Infrastructure in our country we will need the help of all sectors in society especially the private sector.

As part of the reconfiguration of Government, over and above the historic role of the Department of Public Works, the function of infrastructure co-ordination was assigned to my Department which is now called the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI).

In addition to this function, the Department has been assigned the responsibility to coordinate the Infrastructure Delivery Management System (IDMS) – a function previously performed by the National Treasury as well as the transfer of the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission (PICC), previously performed by the former Department of Economic Development.

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