Question NW218 to the Minister of Police

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08 August 2019 - NW218

Profile picture: Whitfield, Mr AG

Whitfield, Mr AG to ask the Minister of Police

(a) What is the total number of SA Police Service (SAPS) bullet-proof vests that are currently in circulation in (i) each province and (ii) each precinct and (b) on what date was each order procured; (2) whether all bullet-proof vests are recorded in the SAPS asset register; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details; (3) (a) what is the lifespan of each bullet-proof vest and (b) what number of bullet- proof vests have been disposed of since 2009; (4) whether his department has a procurement plan for the renewal of bullet-proof vests?


(1)(a)(i) The total number of bullet resistant vests, in each province, is as follows:



Head Office

34 916

Eastern Cape

19 028

Free State

13 304


37 093


25 181


11 616


10 844

North West

11 514

Northern Cape

7 224

Western Cape

26 707

Body Armour Store

18 741


216 168


(1)(a)(ii) The total number of bullet resistant vests, in each cluster, is attached as per Annexure A.

(1)(b) The information, per police station, order form and the date on which each bullet resistant vest was procured, is attached as per Annexure B. (Annexure B is attached in the electronic format, due to the size of the document, which consists of more than 3 000 pages)

Bullet resistant vests were only captured as a serialised item, since 2010. Prior to 2010, bullet resistant vests were captured as non- serialised and placed on, either the room inventory or on a members personal equipment sheet (SAPS 108). The SAPS also procured parts for bullet resistant vests parts and assembled them, which were then accounted for, as complete bullet resistant vests. Therefore, the system will not indicate order numbers for the above exceptions.

(2) All bullet resistant vests are captured in the SAPS asset register and the information is reflected in Annexure B.

(3)(a) In accordance with the Supply Chain Management (SCM) guidelines, the life span or useful life of a bullet resistant vest, is determined by the type of operational functions that are performed by the user and not a time frame. Therefore, the lifespan may vary from one day to more than 10 years, depending on the utilisation and treatment, thereof. This is supported by annual physical inspections and conditional assessments.

(3)(b) Since 2009, the SAPS has disposed of the following quantities:



Pending Disposals

57 212

36 624

(4) Yes, the SAPS is currently doing market research and undertaking a process of evaluation, research and development of new generation bullet resistant vests.


Response to question 218 recommended

Date: 2019-07-26

Response to question 218 approved


Date: 2019-07-26

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