Question NW236 to the Minister of Tourism

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31 July 2019 - NW236

Profile picture: Krumbock, Mr GR

Krumbock, Mr GR to ask the Minister of Tourism

With regard to targets set for tourism for the next three years, what (a) targets have been set for (i) international tourism and (ii) local tourism, (b) steps have been taken to achieve the targets and (c) monitoring and measuring mechanisms exist to measure the targets?


a) Tourism Targets for next 3 years for international and local tourism.

(i) International:

2019: - 11,4 million

2020: - 11,9 million

2021: - 12,3 million

(ii) Local tourism – Holiday trips

2019: - 2,7 million

2020: - 2,8 million

2021: - 2,9 million

b) Steps taken to achieve targets

South African Tourism has developed a recovery plan to ensure targets are met. The plan looks at areas that require intensive focus to turn around the current performance. The areas of focus were determined through an analysis of markets that have not been performing as expected and has negatively impacted performance relative to the targets. The analysis also identified markets that are showing opportunity for increased growth and these need to be exploited. The recovery plan identifies six points to focus on to achieve the aggressive growth needed to meet the targets. The 6-points are:

  1. Focus on prioritized markets and segments which includes India, China, Nigeria, USA, UK, Germany and Australia
  2. Craft a brand campaign to improve top of mind awareness
  3. Driving Conversion through partnerships with trade
  4. Enhanced focus on Domestic Tourism
  5. Industry partnerships
  6. Intergovernmental relationships

c) Monitoring and measuring mechanisms

SA Tourism has multiple platforms for monitoring performance of targets:

  • Monthly EXCO meetings where each executive provides a monthly update on the implementation of the APP;
  • Organisational Performance Reviews held quarterly chaired by the CEO;
  • Quarterly Performance Reports which show the performance of SA Tourism against its APP targets and are reviewed by Board and the Department of Tourism.

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