Question NW308 to the President of the Republic

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24 July 2019 - NW308

Profile picture: Macpherson, Mr DW

Macpherson, Mr DW to ask the President of the Republic

Whether he has established a task team to look into the shortcomings of the Copyright Amendment Bill [B13-2017] before assenting to it; if not, why not; if so, (a) what are the terms of reference of the task team, (b) what is the name of each person on the task team and (c) by what date is the task team expected to complete its work?


(a) - (c) The Presidency legal team has collated all submissions, petitions and investigated areas of concern regarding the Bill. The team is currently analysing these submissions with the purpose of fully appraising the President on the Bill. As such, there is no task team established to consider the Bill.

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