Question NW106 to the Minister of Transport

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10 July 2019 - NW106

Profile picture: Sithole, Mr KP

Sithole, Mr KP to ask the Minister of Transport

Whether he has any plan of action in place to ensure that security is strengthened at our train stations and on the trains to address disruptions, vandalism and damage to state property that has become a norm and to ensure that commuters not only use an efficient service but also a safe one; if not, why not; if so, what are the full relevant details?


1. Currently PRASA has an approved Security Operational Plan which is based on five critical issues namely:

1.1 Stop non-compliance with the relevant legislative and regulatory requirements with emphasis on the Private Security Industry Regulating Act (PSIRA) and regulations and the Railway Safety Regulator of South Africa Act (RSR) and regulations to turn PRASA Protection Services around into a professional security service;

1.2 Stop the un-procedural selection and appointment of security officials who do not meet the minimum physical, training, fitness and other PSIRA qualification standards and turn the inefficiencies and other challenges caused by this practice around to comply with PRASA Company Policies;

1.3 Stop the scourge of theft and M.D.T.P (Malicious Damage To Property) which paralyses the business and will destroy our capacity and ability to meet our strategic objectives and performance targets determined by the Department of Transport;

1.4 Stop crime affecting our passengers and staff. Turn it around through joint operations with the police and other law enforcement agencies to meet our constitutional obligations, security performance and targets;

1.5 Stop the escalating operational security cost. Turn ineffective and inefficient security services (and the perceptions) around through the implementation of technology and the correct balance between own and contracted security services.

2. From the 1st of September 2019, Prasa will be employing new security companies, with new performance based contractual arrangement. The new agreements will include a heavy emphasis on reducing the vandalism and theft that is bedevilling our infrastructure.

3. A strong technology roll out is underway, in the form of CCTV, and other surveillance equipment. These are aimed to act as force multipliers to assist in areas where physical security cannot reach.

4. The new approved PRASA Group Security Strategy supports a different security outlook that fosters professionalism and a culture of sensitivity towards commuters and passengers alike.

5. This is supported by a new structure that is dedicated to give credence to the prioritization of security at stations.

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