Question NW194 to the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

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05 July 2019 - NW194

Profile picture: Van Dyk, Ms V

Van Dyk, Ms V to ask the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

(1)What are the details of the initiatives undertaken by the National Khoi and San Council in each province since its establishment to address its aims of (a) joining fellow African leaders and communities in the recognised legislative framework regulating traditional leadership in the Republic, (b) ensuring the recognition of the Khoi and San’s traditional knowledge to certain indigenous biological resources, (c) advocating for the (i) developmental and (ii) human rights concerns of the Khoi and San communities, (d) ensuring that the Khoisan languages become official languages and (e) addressing the historical issues relating to land of the Khoisan;\ (2) what has the Council found to be the five top issues or concerns raised by the Khoisan communities in each province?


The information requested by the Honourable Member is not readily available in the Department. The information will be submitted to the Honourable Member as soon as it is available

Thank you

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