Question NW29 to the President of the Republic

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03 July 2019 - NW29

Profile picture: Cardo, Dr MJ

Cardo, Dr MJ to ask the President of the Republic

(1)(a) Which Members of the Executive accompanied him to the 108th Session of the International Labour Organisation Conference which was held in Geneva, Switzerland, from 10 to 21 June 2019, (b) what number of officials accompanied (i) him and (ii) each specified Member of the Executive and (c) what number of days did his delegation stay in Geneva; (2) whether any spouses of any Members of the Executive and/or officials accompanied the delegation; if so, what are the relevant details in each case; (3) what was the (a) total cost and (b) detailed breakdown of the costs incurred in terms of accommodation, flights and daily allowances for each person that formed part of the delegation? NW986E


1. (a) The Minister of Employment and Labour accompanied the President.

(b) (i) The President was accompanied by seven officials. (ii). This information can be obtained by the Honourable Member directly from the Ministry of Employment and Labour.

(c) Six of the seven officials were in Geneva for one day, while the seventh official, who advanced, was in Geneva for five days.

2. The Minister did not travel with a spouse. None of the officials that formed part of the President’s delegation travelled with a spouse.

3. (a) The total cost incurred for the President’s delegation is approximately R133 200.

(b) The breakdown of the costs incurred for the seven officials that accompanied the President are: accommodation – R66 500; return flights for one official – R35 300 (the other six officials travelled with the President and the flight costs were paid for as part of the mandate of the South African National Defence Force); and daily allowances for all seven officials – R31 400.


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