Question NW2998 to the Minister in the Presidency

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22 September 2015 - NW2998

Profile picture: Mkhaliphi, Ms HO

Mkhaliphi, Ms HO to ask the Minister in the Presidency

With the increasing number of youth in need of financial assistance on the one hand and limited resources on the other and the waste of resources together with corruption resulting in the National Youth Development Agency applying for R4,8 million preservation orders, in respect of forfeiture of assets of employees who committed fraudulent activities, (a) why were these employees who committed fraudulent activities not arrested and (b) has the money been recovered; if not, why not; if so, how much?


All citizens have the responsibility to report cases of fraud and crime to the South African Police Services. The Honourable Member is encouraged to do the same. The Police will investigate and if there is sufficient evidence, they will arrest those who commit these crimes. The Courts are tasked with the responsibility to test the evidence and pass judgement regarding those who are found guilty.


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