Question NW376 to the Minister of Police

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11 March 2019 - NW376

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Mbhele, Mr ZN to ask the Minister of Police

With reference to certain reports regarding a certain person (name and details furnished), who faces numerous charges for assault including the criminal case CAS1280/09/2015 and threats to a certain person (name and details furnished) and various staff members, (a) why is the specified person in this position, (b) has the person been disciplined, (c) what is the status of the various criminal charges and grievances against the specified person and (d) why would the specified person be in charge of determining whether or not civilians are fit to possess a firearm while facing the specified charges?


a) Brigadier LJ Mabule was appointed as the Section Head: Central Firearm Register (CFR), on 1 May 2015, as a result of the vacant post having been advertised.

Brigadier Mabule was redeployed to the Section: Firearm Compliance, on 1 August 2016, by the Deputy National Commissioner: Human Resource Management (HRM).

Brigadier Mabule was transferred, laterally, back to the CFR on 1 April 2018, by the Deputy National Commissioner: HRM.

b) With regard to Pretoria Central, CAS 1280/09/2015, the case is being investigated by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID). No recommendation for disciplinary procedure has been received from the IPID.

With regard to Pretoria Central, CAS 437/02/2016, the case was investigated in terms of the South African Police Service (SAPS) disciplinary process. The disciplinary investigation was finalised, however, no disciplinary steps were

taken, due to procedural unfairness. The case has been re-opened for independent investigation. The outcome is not yet finalised.

c) Criminal Cases:

Pretoria Central, CAS 1280/09/2015, was transferred to the IPID, on 16 February 2016, for investigation.

Pretoria Central, CAS 437/02/2016, the employee was charged on 17 October 2018. The first court appearance was on 19 November 2018. The case was postponed to 11 March 2019.


Collective Grievance: This matter was closed, on 13 February 2018, due to a lack of cooperation from the aggrieved members. Two other grievances were registered and were resolved.

d) Brigadier Mabule has not been found guilty of any criminal or departmental offences up to date and can, therefore, not be deemed unfit to perform his current duties relating to firearm licenses.


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