Question NW510 to the Minister of Health

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15 April 2019 - NW510

Profile picture: Thembekwayo, Dr S

Thembekwayo, Dr S to ask the Minister of Health

(a) What number of (i) buildings, (ii) properties and (iii) facilities does his department currently (aa) own and (bb) rent, (b) what is the value and purpose of each (i) owned and (ii) rented property and (c)(i) for how long has each property been rented, (ii) from whom is each property rented and (iii) what is the monthly rental fee for each property?


The National Department of Health does not own any properties or buildings. All properties and buildings used or occupied by the National Department of Health are either:

  • State Owned and managed by the Department of Public Works as custodian, or;
  • State Owned and rented directly from the Department concerned where the Department of Public Works is not the custodian, or;
  • Rented from the private sector, using the Department of Public Works as procurement agent.

For this reason, records are not available within National Department of Health to respond directly to the Honorable Member’s question of 1 March 2019. All contract data is held by Department of Public Works, who invoice the Department of Health for payment as follows:

  • Quarterly in advance for State Owned buildings, or;
  • Monthly in arrears for privately owned properties leased by DPW on behalf of National Department of Health.

It is suggested that the question be referred to the Minister of Public Works for a comprehensive response.


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