Question NW677 to the Minister of Health

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09 April 2019 - NW677

Profile picture: Steenhuisen, Mr JH

Steenhuisen, Mr JH to ask the Minister of Health

(a) Why has the Ngwelezana Hospital in Empangeni in KwaZulu-Natal not paid a certain company (name furnished) for a consignment delivered in June 2017 and (b) by what date can the specified supplier expect to receive payment?


a) Ngwelezana Hospital requested and received a quotation from Suppliers, as well as Novak Medical, Surgical and General Supplies for 70 000 units of clear garbage bags. The quotation amount from Novak Medical was assessed to be an amount of R 23 800.00 by both the Bid Evaluation and Bid Adjudication Committees. The quotations went through all the procurement processes and Novak Medical was approved by the Bid Adjudication Committee as the approved bidder for an approved amount of R 23 800.00.

The Hospital could not process the invoice supplied by Novak Medical based on the following reasons:

  • The approved order was for R23 800.00 and not for R238 000.00 as per the invoice submitted. The quotation received from Novak Medical was for R23 800.00.

b) Communication was sent to Novak Medical on 8th November 2018 advising them of the discrepancy and that the hospital is prepared to tender the amount of R 23 800.00 in respect of the goods delivered however no response has been forthcoming from Novak Medical.


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