Question NW293 to the Minister of Basic Education

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01 April 2019 - NW293

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Dudley, Ms C to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(1)(a) What are the (i) regulations upon which officials at South African embassies rely to set the approval of curriculums and educational plans as a visa requirement for home-schooled children and (ii) contact details of the section within her department or provincial education departments that is dedicated to deal with the approval of curriculums and educational plans for children of foreign visitors and (b) how long does the section take to evaluate curriculums and educational plans for children of foreign visitors; (2) whether the specified section has a list of approved curriculums and educational plans; if not, what criteria do they use to evaluate curriculums and educational plans; if so, what are the relevant details; (3) whether, in instances where her department does not approve the curriculums and educational plans of the children of foreign visitors who have been home-schooled and who intend to visit South Africa, there are any mechanisms available to appeal against such a decision; (4) are foreigners who apply for a visa informed up front that their visa applications might be unsuccessful if their children are home-schooled and their curriculums and educational plans are not approved by her department?


(1)(a)(i) Parents who home educate and are willing to register their children with the Provincial Education Departments (PEDs) in the Republic of South Africa are responsible and accountable for the education of their children. These parents, who are not citizens of this country, have already complied with the curriculum requirements of their country of origin.

(ii)The departments of education in South Africa does not deal with approval of curricula for citizens from other countries (who are not seeking citizenship in South Africa). However, they are at liberty to contact officials responsible for the implementation of the Policy on Home Education in South Africa, should they wish to do so. The contact details of the officials in South Africa are obtainable from, and are as follows:







Ms EM Chaane

Ms LZ Brown

012 357 4105

0122 357 4106

222 Struben Street



Eastern Cape

Ms N Ndzunga

040 608 4186/ 4342


Steve Thswete Complex, Zone 6, Zwelitsha

Private Bag X0032 Bisho 5605

Free State

Mr MJ Ntsala

051 447 0038/ 0037


P/ Bag X 20565




Ms C Motshwane

011 355 0631


Hollard Building (7th Floor)

P. O. Box 7710




Ms D Motloli

033 348 6111/115

188 Pieter Maritz Street




Ms M Baloyi

015 290 9382


P/ Bag X9489




Dr M Pieterse

013 766 5875

P/Bag X 111341



Northern Cape

Mr K Mhlom

053 839 6386


P/ Bag X 5029



North West

Ms P Pule

018 389 8204

P/Bag X 2044



Western Cape

Mr D Louw

021 467 2653

P/ Bag X 9114



(b) In terms of the Policy on Home Education, the Head of a Provincial Education Department must take all reasonable steps to respond within 30 days after receipt of the application on the prescribed form.

(2) There is no approved list of curricula and educational plans except for the National Curriculum Statement Grades R-12 in the department. Parents are free to choose any curriculum that will be of a standard not inferior to that of basic education provided in public schools in South Africa.

(3)A parent may appeal to the MEC within 14 days of receiving a notice. The MEC should take all reasonable steps to respond to the appeal within 30 days of receiving the appeal.

(4) The Department of Basic Education does not have a mechanism for considering curricula and educational plans of foreigners who apply for a visa in South Africa.


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