Question NW577 to the Minister of Basic Education

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27 March 2019 - NW577

Profile picture: Tarabella - Marchesi, Ms NI

Tarabella - Marchesi, Ms NI to ask the Minister of Basic Education

(1)Whether the 2018 National Senior Certificate Business Studies examination paper was remarked nationally or only in specific provinces; (2) whether (a) her department and/or (b) provincial departments of education requested the remarking of the Business Studies examination; if so, what are the relevant details; if not, (3) whether individual requests for remarking were made; if so, what are the relevant details?


1. The 2018 NSC Business Studies, as with all other subjects, are remarked by all nine (9) Provincial Education Departments and not remarked nationally or in specific provinces. Only in the case of the selected subjects that were marked centrally by the DBE, was the remark also done centrally by the DBE.

2. The remark process is an appeal process that can be utilised by any candidate who wants to confirm his/her marks in the written examination. As such, it is the candidates and not the DBE or the Provincial Education Departments that request the remarking. Candidates are also allowed to request a re-check of their scripts and they could further request to view their scripts after the remark request has been processed.

3. Individual requests for remarking of Business Studies were made. There were a total of 6685 individual requests for the remark of Business Studies that were made.


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