Question NW569 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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26 March 2019 - NW569

Profile picture: Waters, Mr M

Waters, Mr M to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

(1)(a) On what date was the Rand Water project, Palmiet RW-06, started and (b) what (i) still needs to be done before the project is completed, (ii) are the reasons that the project has stalled for over a year and (iii) is the expected completion date; (2) (a) what (i) is the expenditure to date and (ii) was the original costing of the project, (b) who were the contractors and consultants on the original project, (c) who is contracted to complete the project and (d) what penalties have been requested and paid?


(1)(a) The Rand Water project Palmiet RW-06 started in March 2014.

(1)(b)(i) The overall project is currently 90% complete. The overall scope of work for this project is the construction of a 15km pipeline and the portion now to be completed is approximately 700m which includes pipelaying together with the associated concrete chambers. Thereafter tie-ins/cross connections of the entire 15km pipeline will be constructed and this is dependent on the shutdowns.

(1)(b)(ii) The project experienced challenges which were beyond Rand Water and the service provider’s control as follows:

  • All service providers experienced unsuitable ground conditions which included excessive rock and a high water table. These conditions were not predetermined and as such had to be decided upon within the project time lines which then resulted into delays.
  • During implementation, the pipeline route had to be changed to accommodate third party requirements (i.e. restrictions related to working within the vicinity of high voltage ESKOM powerlines and late approval of Water Use Licence (WULA) by the department). This added in the delays experienced by the project.

(1)(b)(iii) The expected completion date is April 2020.

(2)(a)(i) The expenditure to date is R597 396 518.29 excluding Vat.

(2)(a)(ii) The original costing of the project was R668 556 000.00 excluding Vat.

(2)(b) The contractors and consultants on the original project where the following:


  • M&D Construction Group (Portion A pipe laying – 8km)
  • Lubbe Construction (Pty) Ltd (Portion B pipe laying – 7km)
  • Esor / SBM Joint Venture (Portion B pipe jacking)
  • Mapitsi Civil Works (Portion A pipe jacking).


  • Jeffares and Green (Pty) Ltd.

(2)(c) The service providers listed in question (2)(b) above are all contracted to complete the project. Lubbe Construction (Pty) Ltd is currently completing their scope of work on portion B where they are left with 700m of pipelaying against the scope work of 7km.

(2)(d) Penalties have been applied and are being progressively deducted for all contractor delays.


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