Question NW813 to the Minister of Trade and Industry

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26 March 2019 - NW813

Profile picture: Ntlangwini, Ms EN

Ntlangwini, Ms EN to ask the Minister of Trade and Industry

Whether any computer parts are produced in the Republic; if so, (a) what computer parts are produced in the Republic, (b) where are the computer parts produced, (c) what is the value of computer parts produced and (d) what number of people are employed in the production process?


Even though South Africa has capabilities in computer manufacturing, the Intellectual Property (IP) rests with the Original Equipment Manufacturers, all of which are foreign. Companies which are involved in computer manufacturing are mainly involved in assembly and contract manufacturing. There is a huge downstream opportunity in the value chain for some parts which could be sourced from local manufacturers for components which make up a computer. For example, the casings are made of plastic which could be sourced locally.

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