Question NW424 to the President of the Republic

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19 March 2019 - NW424

Profile picture: Van Der Walt, Ms D

Van Der Walt, Ms D to ask the President of the Republic

(1) (a) On what date did he receive proposed amendments to the Ministerial Handbook, (b) which sections will be amended and (c) what are the details of any financial benefits emanating from proposed amendments to the Handbook; (2) by what date will he (a) sign off on the revised Ministerial Handbook and (b) make the revised handbook public? NW487E


(1) (a) The proposed amendments to the Ministerial Handbook were submitted to the Presidency in June 2018.

(b) The proposed amendments are, in the main, in the following areas:

(i) Staffing for offices of Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Premiers and MECs;

(ii) Provisions for Members with special needs due to disability;

(iii) Procurement of official vehicles and the use of hired vehicles;

(iv) Domestic and international travel;

(v) Provision, maintenance and furnishing of official residences; and,

(vi) The period within which former members are required to vacate state owned residences and relinquish official motor vehicles.

(c) It is envisaged that cost savings will be achieved through the transversal contract administered by National Treasury in terms of vehicles purchased, reductions in the cost of flights and a reduction in administrative support and accommodation costs when Members travel abroad.

(2) Following discussion between the President and the Minister of Public Service and Administration, the amended Handbook has been returned to the Department of Public Service and Adminstration. The Department has been asked to ensure that the amended Handbook takes account of the work currently underway on the macro-configuration of government and the amendment of Regulation 66 of Public Service Regulations on the staff establishment for offices of the President, Deputy President, Ministers, Premiers and MECs.

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