Question NW170 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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11 March 2019 - NW170

Profile picture: Lees, Mr RA

Lees, Mr RA to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

Whether any action will be or has been taken by SA Airways Technical and/or SA Airways against (a) a certain company (name furnished and (b) employees of certain company (name furnished) who allegedly acted in an unethical manner in the Open Water report on the SA Airways Technical Forensic Investigation regarding the awarding of long-term contract SAAT001/15 logistic services, dated 28 August 2017; if not, what are the detailed reasons for not taking action; if so, what are the relevant details of the action taken in each case?


The Parliamentary question has been forward to the State Owned Enterprise and the Ministry of Public Enterprises awaits their urgent response. Further information will be conveyed to Parliament as soon as the response is received.

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