Question NW416 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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07 March 2019 - NW416

Profile picture: Carter, Ms D

Carter, Ms D to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

(a) What SA National Defence Force (i) equipment and (ii) manpower were utilised in the 2019 Armed Forces Day, (b) from where was the specified equipment and manpower deployed, (c) what was the total cost of the 2019 event and (d) how is this cost justified against the objectives and intended outcomes of the event?


(a) All SANDF capabilities were utilised.

(b) From various units of the SANDF in the country

(c) The total costs relating to the activities and exercises of the 2019 Armed Forces Day cannot be disclosed currently as the Department is busy with reconciliation of all the expenses related to the Armed Forces Day.

(d) In 2012, the former President of the Republic of South Africa, His Excellency JG Zuma declared the 21 February of every year as Armed Forces Day which coincide with the sinking of the SS Mendi 101 years ago.

The proclamation has since seen the defence force holding this celebration of Armed Forces Day and commemoration of the tragic sinking of the SS Mendi.

In addition, this event is also used to test the ability of the SANDF to mobilise and move equipment and manpower to defend the country from any position in accordance to the doctrine.

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