Question NW308 to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

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07 March 2019 - NW308

Profile picture: Buthelezi, Mr EM

Buthelezi, Mr EM to ask the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans

(1) (a) What was the total cost of the activities and exercises relating to Armed Forces Day, (b) what number of active members of the SA National Defence Force were deployed to the City of Cape Town for this project and (c) who authorised the activities and exercises; (2) whether an environmental impact study was conducted before commencing with the exercises; if not, why not; if so what are the relevant details?


(1) The total costs relating to the activities and exercises of the 2019 Armed Forces Day cannot be disclosed currently as the Department is busy with reconciliation of all the expenses related to the Armed Forces Day.

(2) Environmental studies are conducted by our environmental division and environmental officials of the local authorities where the event will take place, and we always abide by the stringent bi-laws of each given municipality on environmental matters.

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