Question NW3101 to the Minister of Health

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22 September 2015 - NW3101

Profile picture: Walters, Mr TC

Walters, Mr TC to ask the Minister of Health

With reference to his reply to question 441 on 8 June 2015, what are the relevant details of the workload indicators for staffing need (WISN) work that had been done in the clinics?


The Workload Indicators for Staffing Norms (WISN) method is an evidence-based Human Resource planning and management tool developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This tool was applied in sampled facilities located within the NHI pilot sites to determine the number of health workers of a particular category required to cope with the workload of the given health facility. The findings from this work were subsequently used to develop health workforce normative guides and standards for Primary Health Care (PHC) facilities.

Implementation guidelines of health workforce normative guides and standards for fixed PHC facilities are available. This guideline will be used in the process of determining staffing requirements in all fixed PHC facilities by benchmarking facility staffing against normative guides using facility headcount as a proxy of workload.


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