Question NW81 to the Minister of Trade and Industry

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14 February 2019 - NW81

Profile picture: Macpherson, Mr DW

Macpherson, Mr DW to ask the Minister of Trade and Industry

(1)What (a) is the current status quo of the negotiations with a certain company to transfer or sell Ekandustria Industrial Park to the Gauteng provincial government and (b) total (i) amount has the specified company spent on Ekandustria in terms of maintenance and security and (ii) number of jobs have been lost in Ekandustria in the past three financial years; (2) what (a) is the total number of factories in Ekandustria and (b) number of the specified factories have been operational in the specified financial years; (3) whether all properties in Ekandustria have been recorded in an asset register and were physically verified; if so, what total revenue amount was earned from properties in Ekandustria in the past three financial years; (4) whether the specified company can confirm what total amount is owed to the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality for electricity and water for the past three financial years; if so, what are the relevant details in each case; (5) what total amount has his department made available to the company for the revitalisation of Ekandustria in the specified financial years?NW86E


a) The Industrial Park is owned by Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (MEGA), an entity of the Mpumalanga Provincial Government.

(b) The Industrial Parks Revitalization Program at this stage caters for the revitalization of the state owned industrial Parks. The first phase of revitalization for Ekandustria covers the following:-

(i) 6 000m2 of Roofing

(ii) Installation of 2km invisible fencing

(iii) Revitalization of Waste Water Treatment Plant

The maintenance will be provided for by MEGA.

(2) 143 is the total number of factories and 88 are operational.

(3) Asset register is kept by MEGA.

(4) The Operations of the Industrial Park are under the management of MEGA.

(5) MEGA was approved for funding under the Critical Infrastructure Programme of the dti for an amount of R49 999 866 for phase 1 of revitalization of Ekandustria Industrial Park.

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