Question NW2915 to the Minister of Health

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05 November 2018 - NW2915

Profile picture: Yako, Ms Y

Yako, Ms Y to ask the Minister of Health

Whether the Manyeding Clinic in Manyeding, Northern Cape, was meant to be rebuilt with bricks in the past 10 years; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, on what date did construction commence?


The plan is to demolish the current Asbestos cement building which was built in the 80s and replace it with an Ideal Clinic. The clinic will meet the Ideal Clinic requirements. The new facility will be a primary health care facility providing HIV, AIDS and TB-related treatment. In the next financial year 2019/2020 the construction of the new clinic starts by the Northern Cape Department of Health.

During the course of the last 18 months maintenance works have been carried out to avoid distribution of the fiber while a 3-room “Dr Consulting Room” has been erected by the National Department of Health through the DBSA to improve the space availability for the patients and staff of the clinic. The Northern Cape Department of Health also installed back-up water tanks and pump for the clinic recently.


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