Question NW3280 to the Minister of Economic Development

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19 November 2018 - NW3280

Profile picture: Hlonyana, Ms NKF

Hlonyana, Ms NKF to ask the Minister of Economic Development

Whether (a) his department and/or (b) entities reporting to him awarded any contracts and/or tenders to certain companies (names and details furnished) from 1 January 2009 up to the latest specified date for which information is available; if so, in each case, (i) what service was provided, (ii) what was the (aa) value and (bb) length of the tender and/or contract, (iii) who approved the tender and/or contract and (iv) was the tender and/or contract in line with all National Treasury and departmental procurement guidelines?


The Economic Development Department, Competition Commission, Competition Tribunal and ITAC have not awarded contracts to any of the mentioned companies.

With regards to the IDC, I have been furnished with a reply by the CEO of the IDC, Mr Geoffrey Qhena, to the question, which I quote as follows:

In 2015, the IDC has awarded a contract to Vox Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd. Details are as listed below:

(a)(i) Name of the Firm

(b)(i) What service was provided

(b)(ii)(aa) what was the value of the contract

(b)(ii)(bb) and length of contract

(b)(iii) who approved the contract

(iv) was the tender duly approved in terms of Treasury and procurement Guidelines

Vox Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd

Rightfax software license

R185 057 (Excl. VAT) over three years

Three years

IDC’s Procurement Committee



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