Question NW3167 to the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services

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22 September 2015 - NW3167

Profile picture: Dreyer, Ms AM

Dreyer, Ms AM to ask the Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services

(a) Which (i) department, (ii) government entity, (iii) company and (iv) independent consultant aided in the development of the Cybersecurity Awareness Implementation Plan, (b) at what cost was the specified plan developed, (c) what are the details of the plan, (d) how will the specified strategy be implemented, (e) how will the implementing agency be chosen, (f) what is the budget for this media strategy and (g) what are its (i) objectives and (ii) deliverables over the Medium Term Expenditure Framework?


(1)(a) The Cybersecurity Awareness Implementation Plan was developed internally by DTPS. It must be noted that Cybersecurity Awareness Implementation Plan is informed by the Cybersecurity Awareness Strategy of 2012 which was developed in consultation with stakeholders that included academia, the Internet Service Providers’ Association, the Wireless Application Service Providers Association and civil society.

(b) The Plan was developed in-house utilising internal skills and resources. Other than the internal resources, the Cybersecurity Awareness Implementation Plan did not have any additional costs.

(c) The details of the Plan focuses on the following four broad channels: Public Relations, Advertising, Stakeholder Communication and Social/Community mobilisation.

(d) The strategy will be implemented in phases. The strategy entails mass communications.

(e) The Department will leverage GCIS’s bulk buying power to maximise the impact of the rollout of the Cybersecurity Awareness Programme.

(f) The budget for this media strategy is R1 869 600.00 for this Financial Year.

(g) (i) In line with the JCPS Cluster outcome 3, the objectives of the media plan are to ensure that all people in South Africa are and feel safe; to influence South Africans to be vigilant about practicing safer online habits; and to provide the public with resources, tips and tools to adopt safer online behaviour. ii) Deliverables over the Medium Term Expenditure Framework are subject to budget availability. The primary target will be private sector, public sector and communities (school children, youth, and parents).


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