Question NW2245 to the Minister of Energy

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22 November 2018 - NW2245

Profile picture: Davids, Ms S

Davids, Ms S to ask the Minister of Energy

1) Whether the sale of South Africa’s strategic fuel reserves were discussed at the training programmes hosted by a certain company (name furnished) in Rotterdam and London from 19 March 2017 to 1 April 2017; if so, what are the full details of the discussions; (2) Whether he will furnish Mr G R Davis with a copy of the memorandum of understanding allegedly signed by the former Chief Executive Officer of the Central Energy Fund, Mr Gerrit Bezuidenhout, while attending the training programmes; (3) What are the details of the memorandum of understanding allegedly entered into by the specified person in terms of the (a) length of the agreement, (b) terms and conditions of the agreement, (c) amounts involved, (d) parties involved and (e) goods that form part of the agreement; (4) Whether the removal of international economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran formed part of the agreement?


1. Our records reflect that in 2017 there was a request for officials to undertake a training programme offered by VITOL, however this was never approved, and as such no departmental official travelled to London or Rotterdam during the period in question to attend the said training.

2. Not applicable, as no training offered by Vitol was attended.

3. Not applicable

4. Not applicable

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