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19 November 2018 - NW3387

Profile picture: Grootboom, Mr GA

Grootboom, Mr GA to ask the MINISTER OF ARTS AND CULTURE

To ask the Minister of Arts and Culture: : (a) why has the cost to build the stone wall at the stone quarry on Robben Island increased so dramatically over the past three financial years, (b) what was the initial cost to build the stone wall and (c) what is the estimated cost to complete the wall?


a. Reasons for the increased cost to build the stone wall on the Robben Island are the following:

  • The nature of the proposed design which was to replace the bridged dry-stone packed wall with a concrete seawater barrier that would then be clad with a layer of gabions and the dry-packed bluestone on the island side and a pebble ramp on the seaside.
  • Environmental provisions that included having to build only over a 6 months’ period outside the bird and penguin breed seasons.
  • Further bridging of the wall as the project preparations including the sourcing of further funds, this was more severe during the June 2017 storm when the bridged opening increased by a further 20 meters.
  • What Coega Development Corporation refers to as the ‘Island Factor is a logistics cost that had been underestimated by the consultants early in the development of the project that became an issue at procurement.

b. R10, 3 Million in 2015 was estimated at Preliminary design stage.

c. R28, 6 Million based on the lowest tender price.

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