Question NW2394 to the Minister of Science and Technology

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31 August 2018 - NW2394

Profile picture: Wessels, Mr W

Wessels, Mr W to ask the Minister of Science and Technology

1. What number (a) of employees in her department at each post level are currently suspended on full salary and (b) of the specified employees at each post level have been suspended for (i) less than 60 days, (ii) 60 to 90 days, (iii) 90 to 120 days and (iv) longer than 120 days; 2. What is the total amount of cost attached to the days of service lost as a result of the suspensions in each specified case?


1. 0

(a) NIA

(b) (i) N/A

(ii) N/A

(iii) N/A

(iv) N/A

2. NIA

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