Question NW3136 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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03 December 2018 - NW3136

Profile picture: Khawula, Ms MS

Khawula, Ms MS to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

(a) To what number of households and communities did the Giyani Water Project intend to supply water in the original plan, (b) at what cost and (c) what was the envisaged date for completion?


(a) The Giyani water and sanitation emergency project is intended to benefit 55 villages in Giyani. The project intends to benefit 46 607 households (Stats SA 2015)

(b) The project cost is R3.36 billion inclusive of Implementing Agent fees and VAT.

(c) The project commenced in 2014 with the project plan of 5 years. The project anticipated completion date is July 2019.


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