Question NW3606 to the Minister of Health

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03 December 2018 - NW3606

Profile picture: Kopane, Ms SP

Kopane, Ms SP to ask the Minister of Health

How is the Integrated School Health Programme dealing with teen pregnancy?


The Integrated School Health Programme (ISHP) is dealing with teen pregnancy by delivering age appropriate health education on sexual and reproductive health services for learners in and out of schools, and at every contact or session they make with young people, aged 10-24 years.

The ISHP Task Team has developed a standard operating procedure (SOP) to complement the current onsite services provided in schools by including a basket of sexual reproductive health services in schools.

The package include:

  • Menstrual Health education
  • Sexual Transmitted Infection (STI) screening
  • Provision of condoms (male & female) to ensure dual protection to the sexually active learners
  • Oral contraceptives,
  • Injectables (2 months and 3 months),
  • Intra-uterine contraceptive devices (IUCD)
  • Sub-dermal contraceptive (Implanon)
  • choice on Termination of pregnancy (cTOP)
  • Pregnancy testing, early detection of pregnancy and appropriate referrals either for ante natal care services (ANC) or for choice termination of pregnancy
  • Continuous psycho-social support


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