Question NW2809 to the Minister of Transport

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22 October 2018 - NW2809

Profile picture: Hunsinger, Mr CH

Hunsinger, Mr CH to ask the Minister of Transport

With reference to his reply to question 1040 on 4 May 2018 pertaining to the Rail Safety Regulator Level Crossing Technical Committees, (a) when was the specified committee established, (b) what were the reasons for the delays in establishing this Committee, (c) what provincial restructuring was taking place that delayed the establishment of the Committee, (d) who sits on the committee and (e) how were they elected in each case?


a) The Committee has not been established.

b) The RSR has been invited to become a member of the Free State Provincial Transport Planning Forum, which is currently being established. This Forum focuses on transport related issues. Issues pertaining to level crossing can be addressed at this Forum.

c) Delays were because of the provincial department restructuring where officials were moved between sections.

d) The members of the Forum comprise of representatives from the Free State Department of Police, Roads and Transport, transport related SOE’s and municipalities

e) Members are elected by their respective organisations.

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