Question NW2344 to the Minister of Energy

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19 October 2018 - NW2344

Profile picture: Dlamini, Ms L

Dlamini, Ms L to ask the Minister of Energy

(a)On what date was a certain person (name furnished) appointed in her current position, (b) when was the position advertised, (c) who were the other candidates that were considered and (d) what is the salary level of the specified person?


(a): The certain person is not an employee of the Department of Energy.

(b) and (c): The position was not advertised. The appointment of the certain person evolved from the initial support role of the PPP Unit of the National Treasury to the Department of Energy in the design and establishment of the Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (IPPPP). The certain person was initially contracted as a consultant of the PPP Unit intimately involved in the development of the IPPPP and was in this capacity initially seconded to and formally assigned the role of the manager of the project office (IPP Office) responsible for the coordination and facilitation of the IPPPP.

(d): It is advised that the question be directed at the appropriate appointing party (currently the Development Bank of Southern Africa) with due recognition of and subject to the prescript of relevant applicable laws and institutional policies.

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