Question NW3801 to the Minister of Health

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03 January 2019 - NW3801

Profile picture: Wilson, Ms ER

Wilson, Ms ER to ask the Minister of Health

(1)Why did the acting Director-General in the Department of Health, Yogan Pillay, sign off the revised draft National Health Insurance Bill instead of Director General Precious Matsoso; (2) what role did (a) he, in his capacity as Minister, and (b) a certain person (name and details furnished) play in the re-formulation of the draft National Health Insurance Bill following the publication of the Bill in the Government Gazette on 21 June 2018?


(1) The Acting Director-General assumes all the responsibilities of the Director-General in terms of Section 32 of the Public Service Act. The Acting Director-General signed the revised Draft Bill after due consideration of its contents.

(2) (a)-(b) Prof Olive Shisana co-ordinates the War-Room on the National Health Insurance, which facilitates the resolution of areas that require inter-departmental concurrence. This approach results in a more rapid concurrence.


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