Question NW3406 to the Minister of Tourism

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19 December 2018 - NW3406

Profile picture: Krumbock, Mr GR

Krumbock, Mr GR to ask the Minister of Tourism

Following the pronouncements by the Government to accelerate the oceans economy, what steps will his department take in order to work with cities and harbour authorities to ensure that dedicated cruise tourism infrastructure becomes the catalyst to unlock the potential of the country as a global cruise tourism destination of choice?


Tourism is a competency shared between national, provincial, and local government – and in this case, with the harbour authorities (i.e. Department of Public Enterprises - Transnet). The infrastructure developments and strategies that are part of the Coastal and Marine Tourism implementation plan are thus primarily owned by the two provinces/cities in question, together with Transnet. The objectives in these infrastructure developments were, inter alia, to offer new and modernised terminals that will provide an ideal gateway to a unique South African experience through the Ports of Durban and Cape Town in support of the tourism industry. In addition, this infrastructure served to provide modern reception facilities with safe, reliable and efficient marine services to enhance the visitor experience ensuring that cruise terminals in South Africa have:-

  • Sufficient tourist facilities, namely, integration of the creative industry (arts and crafts), retailers, restaurants, suppliers of fresh food, waste disposal facilities, luggage handling;
  • Tourist, family and child friendly facilities;
  • Sufficient and easy to access parking facilities for various modes of transport such as, metre taxis, shuttle service, tour operators, bus service etc.;
  • Safe and free walk ways for tourists / public to walk to the city and back to the terminal (tourist safety), (including city police / SAPS); and
  • Fast track the processing of tourist arrivals and departures at the cruise terminals (including Home Affairs).
  • Going forward, the Department intends to coordinate the development of a Cruise Tourism Maximisation Strategy, which will include all relevant stakeholders – (all) port cities, provinces, harbour authorities, local tourism authorities and tourism associations. The aim of this strategy will be to collate information, share views and insights and to develop tourism beyond cruise infrastructure. The intended outcomes include: -
    • More cruise liners docking for longer periods in South Africa;
    • Leverage economic spinoffs for tour operators, hotels, game reserves, lodges and attractions and related industries
    • Increased development of tourism and related products such as wine outlets, jewellery, arts and craft in close proximity of arrival facilities;
    • Opportunities to support trained chefs through the incubator programme to establish and run their own restaurants); and
    • Collaboration with neighbouring destinations along South Africa’s two coasts.

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