Question NW3474 to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

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22 September 2015 - NW3474

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Horn, Mr W to ask the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services

(1)What is the official policy with regard to travel undertaken by (a) judge presidents and (b) deputy judge presidents of superior courts (i) domestically and (ii) internationally in respect of the (aa) number of trips which may be undertaken and (bb)(aaa) number and (bbb) position and/or status of persons forming part of such delegations; (2) (a) how many (i) domestic and (ii) international trips were undertaken by each specified judge president and deputy judge president in the past 12 months and (b) what (i) number of persons formed part of the delegation, (ii) was the position/status of each person in the delegation and (iii) was the total cost of each specified trip?




(1) The Judges Remuneration and Conditions of Employment Act & Regulations, 2001, does not prescribe the number of trips that may be undertaken domestically or internationally and the number, position and status of persons forming part of such delegations. However, Paragraph of the Departmental Financial Instructions of the Office of the Chief Justice provides that “official travelling of Judicial Officers to foreign countries must be approved by the Chief Justice”.

In line with the above, the established practice is that the relevant Judge who wishes to travel abroad must first approach the Head of Court with the request. The Head of Court will apply his/her mind and formally agree that the Judge may travel abroad accordingly provided that (1) the allocation of cases onto the court roll will be managed accordingly; and (2) the administration of justice will not be negatively affected. Such permission from the Head of Court as well as the detailed request by the Judge who wishes to travel, are then presented to the Chief Justice for consideration and approval.

2. (a) (i) The following domestic trips (air flights) were undertaken by Judges President and Deputy Judges President from 1 August 2014 to 31 July 2015:

  • L Mpati: President of the SCA – 1 trip
  • B Waglay: JP – 15 trips
  • CT Sangoni: JP – 4 trips
  • AS Jappie: JP – 9 trips
  • M Molemela: JP – 7 trips
  • F Kgomo: JP – 4 trips
  • M Leeuw: JP – 1 trip
  • M Hlope: JP – 1Trip
  • Y Meer: AJP – 9 trips
  • M Mojapelo: DJP – 4 trips
  • J Traverso: DJP -1 trip
  • A Ledwaba: DJP – 1 trip

(ii) No international trips were undertaken by Judges President or Deputy Judges President during the period.

(b) No officials were part of any delegation for any Judge President or Deputy Judge President.


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