Question NW2849 to the Minister of Finance

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18 December 2018 - NW2849

Profile picture: Robertson, Mr K

Robertson, Mr K to ask the Minister of Finance

Whether the Government received the € 30 million pledged by the Kingdom of Belgium for land reform purposes; if not, what are the relevant details; if so, (a) for which land reform projects will the Government utilise the funds and (b) what amount in Rand did the Government receive from the pledged amount?


In response to this question, it should be noted that the National Treasury has not been involved in any recent negotiation with the Kingdom of Belgium for further support within the land sector; no commitments for this sector have been discussed, negotiated or received from the Government has been to the amount €18 150 000M from 2004-2015 for land reform programmes in South Africa. These constituted three programmes managed by the then Department of Agriculture and Land Affairs and the current Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.

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