Question NW3285 to the Minister of Public Enterprises

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14 December 2018 - NW3285

Profile picture: Dlamini, Ms L

Dlamini, Ms L to ask the Minister of Public Enterprises

Whether (a) his department and/or (b) entities reporting to him awarded any contracts and/or tenders to certain companies (names and details furnished) from 1 January 2009 up to the latest specified date for which information is available; if so, in each case, (i) what service was provided, (ii) what was the (aa) value and (bb) length of the tender and/or contract, (iii) who approved the tender and/or contract and (iv) was the tender and/or contract in line with all National Treasury and departmental procurement guidelines?


DPE Response

The Department of Public Enterprises has not awarded any contracts to the mentioned companies.

According to the information received from Eskom


Of the list of companies provided, Eskom awarded contracts to DCD Group and Vox Telecommunications.

Eskom did not award contracts to Afrit; Elgin Brown and Hamer; Elgin Dock; Diesel and Turbo Service Centre; Afrit prop Co; Vox Holdings; Interpair Services; Siminglo (RF); Cancerian Investments; Hulisani Consortium and Phuma Finance


Annexure A provides details of services provided, value of the contracts, and length of the contract, the committee that approved the contact and whether the contract is in line with National Treasury.

Although Eskom did not award contracts to Hulisani Consortium, there were dealings with Hulisani Consulting and 52 payments totaling to R4.4 million were made since 2016. All the payments to the supplier were made against once off purchase orders except for two payments valued at R18 000 which were condonation.

Alexkor, Denel, Safcol, SAA, SAX and Transnet responses not received.

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