Question NW1555 to the Minister of Health

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05 October 2018 - NW1555

Profile picture: Thembekwayo, Dr S

Thembekwayo, Dr S to ask the Minister of Health

(a) What is the (i) name and (ii) location of each hospital in the country that experienced pharmaceutical shortage in (aa) 2017 and (bb) 2018, (b) what is the (i) name and (ii) amount of each pharmaceutical item that was in shortage and (c) on what date did the shortage of each pharmaceutical item (i) first occur and (ii) end?


Honourable Member, shortage of a particular pharmaceutical product is never a static issue for the whole year. It depends on a particular day or time – but also it has to be put into context because you may be short of a particular dose which will be covered by another available dose or an alternative. It will help if you specify particular pharmaceuticals and particular periods you are referring to.


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