Question NW2355 to the Minister of Health

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08 October 2018 - NW2355

Profile picture: Thembekwayo, Dr S

Thembekwayo, Dr S to ask the Minister of Health

(1)Whether his department outsourced the provision of male circumcision services at its facilities; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, to whom; (2) (a) whether the contract was advertised; if not, why not; if so, (a) what are the names of persons and/or entities who tendered, (b) what is the cost of the contract to his department and (c) why is it not insourced?


(1) Yes, transversal contracts were awarded by National Treasury in consultation with the NDOH Medical Male Circumcision programme by means of a closed tender (RT35 2016) to NGO's viz:

1. The Aurum Health Institute;

2. THCA (TB/HIV Care Association); and

3. J.Galt Express).

(2) (a) (i) Yes, the contract was advertised.

1. SWHP (South African Commercial & Textile Workers Union Worker Health programme);

2. SFH (Society for family Health);

3. THCA (TB/HIV Care Association);

4. RTC (Right to Care);


6. MaTCH (Maternal Adolescent and Child Health);

7. PHRU (Perinatal HIV Research Unit);

8. CHAPS (Centre for HIV & AIDS Prevention Studies);

9. The Aurum Health Institute;

10. J. Galt Express.

(ii) R194,000,000. The National Treasury RT35 transversal contract covers 24 districts and is over a period of three(3) years. 141 376 circumcisions will be performed as part of the contract at an average unit cost of R1372 per circumcision. 99 778 circumcisions have been performed from inception of the contract (November 2016) till end of July 2018.

(iii) The only way to reach our targets is to contract NGO's to increase our capacity to reach these targets. All the circumcisions performed are recorded in the NDOH standalone MMC register and all transversal contracted partners have been given registers to collect data for the National MMC programme.


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