Question NW879 to the Minister in the Presidency

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08 October 2018 - NW879

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Macpherson, Mr DW to ask the Minister in the Presidency

With reference to the Aquaculture hub of the Oceans Economy Lab, (a) what are the detailed reasons behind the delays in the expansion of the (i) Oyster hatchery at Paternoster, (ii) Oyster Catcher Initiative, (iii) Hermanus Salmon, (iv) Hondeklip Bay Abalone hatchery, (v) Richards Bay sea cage kob farming, particularly improving market access and developing the value-chain and (vi) Wild Coast abalone ranching and (b) what steps are being taken to resolve the delays and complete the projects in each case?


i) According to DAFF, Paternoster Oyster initiative was delayed owing to lack of interest to invest from private investors to date and therefore could not leverage other funding. Consequently, the project was removed from the Operation Phakisa registered projects. Recently, the company has been bought over and the new owner intends to set up an oyster hatchery. This company will have an opportunity to register the new project with Operation Phakisa.

ii) Oyster Catcher initiative was delayed due to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process that was conducted for Saldanha Bay. Now that the Environmental Authorisation has been approved, the conditions of the Environmental Authorisation need to be met and Transnet reports that the approval process for additional sea space needed, is underway.

iii) The Hermanus Salmon has not been awarded a lease for the property that the company identified. The Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and Department of Public Works (DPW) have agreed that the advertisement of vacant sites suitable for aquaculture will be prioritised to expedite the resolution of the problem.

iv) The Hondeklip Bay Abalone Hatchery was initially funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST). However, the consolidation of Aquaculture projects funding at the DST led to the withdrawal of funding for the same. The DAFF has subsequently sourced funding for this initiative to ensure continued development of aquaculture in Northern Cape.

v) The Richards Bay sea cage kob farm has completed a successful pilot project. However, before commercial aquaculture can be undertaken in the bay, a feasibility study is being undertaken to assess whether there is water space for commercial production levels and whether aquaculture activities can coexist with other activities being undertaken in the Port. The DAFF is drafting a marketing and awareness programme for the aquaculture sector in South Africa, which includes value chain and marketing of products.

vi) The Wild coast abalone farm initiative is progressing well. However, due to initial funding constraints the plans are slightly behind schedule. The company has sourced the necessary funding and this project is expected to progress as planned






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Dr NC Dlamini-Zuma

Minister in the Presidency: Planning Monitoring and Evaluation




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