Question NW2626 to the President of the Republic

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03 October 2018 - NW2626

Profile picture: Filtane, Mr ML

Filtane, Mr ML to ask the President of the Republic

In light of the fact that earlier this year the Eastern Cape Department of Public Works started the process for the disposal of residential properties across the province through sale using market-related values (details furnished), and with reference to his reply to oral question number 13 on 22 August 2018, he intends to discourage and stop the sale of land and residential properties currently owned by the Eastern Cape Department of Public Works; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?


The disposal of non-core residential state land in urban areas is required when such properties do not contribute to the line function needs of government. The disposal of land is guided by national legislation, the State Land Disposal Act No. 48 of 1961, as well as provincial legislation – the Eastern Cape Land Disposal Act No. 7 of 2000.

Further, in April 2009, the Government Immovable Asset Management Act No. 19 of 2007 was promulgated to regulate uniformity in the management of state assets through its life-cycle, including a surrender plan for assets that do not meet the service delivery objectives of the State.

The properties that are advertised under SCMU5-18/19-PM002 are all vacant or dilapidated residential sites. The systematic release, through the prescribed legislative frameworks, of the State’s immovable assets that are surplus to the needs of Government and that are lying dormant in the urban areas, will promote residential development in municipal areas, as well as provide our people with security of tenure through the attainment of title deeds and also stimulate socio-economic development. The one way of addressing the latter is through the upgrading of dilapidated structures in the urban centres, and by so doing increase the revenue stream of municipalities and generally upgrade the facade of towns.

The Eastern Cape Province, through the said disposal process, aims at addressing the imbalances of the past, which contributed to the skewed land ownership patterns, with the focus on ownership transfer to the designated groups, such as black people, women, youth, military veterans and the disabled. First time home owners will be targeted as preferred bidders.

The province has committed that any site beneficially occupied or identified for strategic economic development will not be disposed.


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