Question NW2229 to the Minister of Water and Sanitation

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25 September 2018 - NW2229

Profile picture: Brauteseth, Mr TJ

Brauteseth, Mr TJ to ask the Minister of Water and Sanitation

Whether he has put any plans in place to provide water for (a) human and (b) livestock consumption in the eMaswazini community in the Okhahlamba Local Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details of the specified plans?


(1)(a) The Uthukela District Municipality (DM) is the Water Services Authority for the Uthukela District area including the Okhahlamba Local Municipal area and they are responsible for the provision of water services. The Uthukela DM has provided the following report on the availability of water in the area and their plans to provide access to water.

The following water sources are available in the area:

  • A total of twenty eight (28) out of forty (40) boreholes are operational.
  • Water is provided in Thunzini, Diepsloof, Emmaus and Ndiya areas.
  • Water is provided through spring protections in the Mamfemfetheni area.

The Uthukela DM has the following plans to provide water:


Findings on site

Recommended action – Cost estimate


The elevated tank next to the Emmaus rank - the rank was abandoned. The community is concerned that there is an individual that is using water from the elevated tank to wash cars.

A - Install an isolation valve.

B - The individual has connected onto the Municipal asset, Disconnect the illegal connection.


Further up the road - KwaNgubane - it used to be a windmill. When it collapsed, the community bought a generator. The community was promised a supply of 10 houses per stand pipe.

S28º517,3656, E 29º2228, 2792

Establish the capacity of the borehole – how many households can benefit. The Uthukela DM to upsize the production borehole and provide an elevated tank. Refurbish the existing water pipe (reticulation).


In the vicinity of the Nkunzi mountain there is a spring in the forest. Consultants are busy with a plan for spring protection.

Spring protection is necessary. Storage is required. Gravitate to the community, 500m to each side totalling 1km (1,5km).


Findings on site

Recommended action – Cost estimate


Esiqhingini (vicinity of Fisokuhle School) – the community has a hand pump (pitsi), and they are proposing a hand pump be converted to a production borehole, so that it can augment supply to Emmaus Hospital.
S28º49,8768", E 29º248, 9028

Uthukela DM will provide an elevated tank and will connect onto the existing system, if the production borehole has sufficient yield.


Ethunzini  - production borehole - vandalised pump
S28º5230,4896 E29º2035, 7216

Refurbishment of the borehole, elevated tank, joins onto the existing line.


Khwela - production borehole - the community collects money to pay for electricity.
S28º517,3656 E29º2228, 2792

The community built their own pump house. The Uthukela DM needs to build an appropriate pump house and apply for electricity. Provide an elevated tank.


Nyonyana High School - there is an existing spring that requires spring protection.

Provide Spring protection, elevated tank. Drill and equip another production borehole for the other community.

Ward 12


Epotshini - hand pump – the community is proposing an elevated tank to provide a gravity feed.
S28º4924,3948 E29º2222, 2748

As proposed.


Egolokodo – the community is proposing a hand pump - DWS provided a borehole but did not provide a hand pump.

S28º4929,316 E29º225, 2648

The Uthukela DM will provide a production borehole; storage will be in Epotshini. A break pressure tank will also be provided.


Egolokodo behind the Emhlambozini community hall - spring protection is required because water is captured in a concrete ring.

S28º4918,3864 E29º2154, 0072

Provide spring protection, fence the perimeter. Provide storage (JoJo tank).


Egolokodo mountain spring - spring protection is required.
S28º488,2152 E29º2221, 244

An excavator will be utilized to assist with providing a suitable water source. The community will be requested to assist.


Nyonyana upper area borehole.

Uthukela DM will provide a production borehole an elevated storage tank and associated reticulation.


Khwela borehole.

Uthukela DM will provide a production borehole an elevated storage tank and associated reticulation.

(1)(b) The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for the provision of water for livestock production purposes.

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