National Youth Development Agency Board recommendations: finalisation

National Youth Development Agency appointments

16 March 2009
Chairperson: Mr M Johnson (ANC) & Ms F Mazibuko (ANC, Gauteng)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee had short-listed 26 candidates for interviews out of the 173 people nominated to be on the Board It was noted that one of the candidates short-listed was as young as 14 years old and was in Grade 8.The Committee was pleased to note that the youth were interested in serving on the Agency Board.

Meeting report

The following 7 candidates were recommended by the Committee:

Mr  M Khumalo

Ms L Motau

Mr F Slabber

Ms Tshabalala

Ms P Makeleni

Mr A Lungisa

Mr Y Pillay

The Committee read and adopted the report listing these seven names. It will be sent to the NCOP for approval on the 19 March 2009 and to the National Assembly for consideration on the 24 March 2009. 

The meeting adjourned


  • We don't have attendance info for this committee meeting

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