Telecommunications Amendment Bill: finalisation

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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

Eastern Cape

31 October 2001

Relevant document:
Proposed amendments to Telecommunications Amendment Bill (contained in the minutes)
Telecommunications Amendment Bill [B65B –2001] as passed by National Assembly


The Telecommunications Amendment Bill was passed with amendments with the Democratic Party dissenting. The Inkatha Freedom Party was not present.

Here follow the minutes as prepared by the Committee’s secretary, Ms G Abdullatief:

Chairperson: Mr S L E Fenyane

Eastern Cape
Ms B N Dlulane

Free State
Dr P J C Nel

Mr N M Raju

Ms M P Themba

Northern Cape
Mrs E N Lubidla
Northern Province
Mr S L E Fenyane

Mr Z S Kolweni
Mr L G Lever

The following persons were in attendance:
Mr P Pongwana, General Manager: Department of Communications;
Mr V Moche, Group Executive: Telkom;
Mr C Choeu, Executive, Regional Affairs: Telkom;
Mr L Makua, Regulatory Affairs: Alcatel;
Mr P Mpapele, Regulatory Adviser: Vodacom;
Mr J Claassen, Corporate Affairs Manager: Sentech;
Mr H Smuts, State Law Adviser.

The Chairperson welcomed everyone present. The Committee proceeded to the consideration of the subject of the Telecommunications Amendment Bill [B65B –2001].

The Committee deliberated.

The Chairperson moved: That in the opinion of the Committee legislation is desirable to amend the Telecommunications Act, 1996 (Act no.103 of 1996) and that the Bill referred to the Committee be taken as a basis.

Motion agreed to.

The Committee proceeded to the consideration of the various clauses of the Bill.

On Clause 1,

The Chairperson moved:

1. On page 3, in line 34, after "handover" to insert "between cells".
Amendment agreed to.

Clause 2, agreed to.

Clause 3 agreed to (DP abstaining).

Clause 4, agreed to (DP dissenting and NNP abstaining).

Clause 5, agreed to (DP dissenting).

Clause 6, agreed to (DP dissenting and NNP abstaining).

Clause 7, agreed to (DP dissenting).

Clause 8, agreed to (DP dissenting).

Clause 9, agreed to (DP dissenting).

Clause 10, agreed to (DP abstaining).

Clause 11, agreed to (DP dissenting).

Clauses 12 to 29, agreed to.

New Clause,

The Chairperson moved:

1. That the following be a new clause to follow clause 29:

Amendment of section 89 of Act 103 of 1996

30. Section 89 of the principal Act is hereby amended—

(a) by the substitution for subsection (1) of the following subsection:

"(1) The Authority shall prescribe

(a) a numbering plan for use in respect of telecommunication services; and

(b) measures to ensure that number portability shall be introduced in 2005, including—

(i) the creation of a national number portability database; and

(ii) cost allocation and cost recovery among licensees."; and

(b) by the addition of the following subsections:

"(4) The numbering plan contemplated in subsection (1)(a) shall be non-discriminatory.

(5) The Authority shall maintain and manage a central numbering database system.

(6) Every operator shall submit information on all numbers, including numbers of pre-paid subscribers, allocated to subscribers in terms of its licence to the Authority.".

Amendments agreed to.

On Clause 30,

The Chairperson moved:

1. On page 22, after line 28, to insert the following section:

"Carrier pre-selection

89C. (1) The Authority shall prescribe regulations—

(a) establishing a framework for facilities in terms of which subscribers to a telecommunication service can access the services of an interconnected national long distance telecommunication operator and an international telecommunication operator; and

(b) requiring all holders of public switched telecommunication services licences to phase in the facilities referred to in paragraph (a) by not later than 31 December 2003.

(2) The framework contemplated is subsection (1) shall ensure that the implementation and maintenance of the facilities referred to therein are non-discriminatory and give effect to section 2(j).".

Amendments agreed to.

On Clause 31,

The Chairperson moved:

  1. On page 22, in line 35, after "any", to insert "technical".

Amendment agreed to.

The Telecommunications Amendment Bill [B65B – 2001] agreed to with proposed amendments (DP dissenting). The Chairperson submitted a draft report, which was considered and adopted. The Chairperson thanked everyone for attending the meeting and adjourned the meeting at 12:20, sine die.

Minutes compiled by:

Gadija Abdullatief (Committee Secretary)


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