Committee Report Adoption: 2006 Annual Reports of the Department and its Public Entities


19 June 2007
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


19 June 2007

Mr L Zita (ANC)

Relevant Documents:

Committee Report on Budget Vote 26
Committee Report on the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism and Public Entities Annual Reports and financial statements for 2006
[All available at Committee Reports once adopted]

Other documentation
Committee Oversight Report on the request of approval on the proclamation on land in Addo National Park [available at Committee Reports once adopted]


The Chairperson and the Committee discussed the Committee Report on the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism's Annual Report and financial statements 2006. Members indicated that there were several grammatical and technical errors, and requested that there be more care exercised in editing of documents. There were suggestions as to alternative ways in which the Department could be monitored to ensure that its resolutions were effected. No final resolution was taken on this issue. Members also asked the Committee Secretary to check whether there was policy or precedent that Departmental officials be described by designation only, and not by name.  It was clarified that the Department was running a "Friendly South African" campaign. The Committee adopted the Report, with amendments.

The Committee adopted its report on the budget vote, with grammatical and technical amendments. 

Adoption of Committee Report on Department Annual Report and Financial Statements 2006
The Chairperson led the Committee through the Report. Members effected several grammatical and technical amendments. They noted that there must be follow-ups on the Department's resolutions, and that there should be more frequent meetings in order to monitor the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) better. The Chairperson suggested that the committee go through the report page by page.

The Chairperson recommended that the Committee visit the
Addo National Park next week. 

Ms J Chalmers (ANC) stated that at the end of each section in the report, there were challenges listed. She suggested that the Committee should examine these challenges and ask the Department how they could be solved.

Mr S Rasmeni (ANC) said that there was plenty of interaction between the Departmental entities and the Committee, and through this, the Committee could pick up on the issues raised in these engagements.

Mr A Mokoena (ANC) suggested that the Committee recommendations be listed separately, which would enhance this report.

The Chairperson said that the Committee should ask DEAT specifically if it had followed up on its resolutions, and that the Committee should have their own method of capturing the Department's resolutions and holding the Department accountable for these.

Ms Chalmers believed that this might be difficult when having to cover a full year of resolutions.  She suggested that there should be a weekly briefing, and any questions that the Department had not answered satisfactorily should be documented, so these could be brought up in the weekly meetings.

The Chairperson suggested that a researcher be appointed, in order to document these questions.  This could be another method of monitoring.

Mr Mokoena said that he believed that reports should be humanised, in the sense that the names of delegates should appear as well as their position in the Department.

Mr Rasmeni replied that this had the potential for conflict, as fingers could be pointed in future at individuals. If someone did not perform properly in their job, then this laid open the way for the successor to blame his or her predecessor for problems in the Department.

Mr Mokoena asserted that this would be good for historical referencing and chronology. He felt in addition that it was ver impersonal merely to refer to "the Director General" without giving a name.  
Ms Chalmers said that she did not see the point in referring to names as well as position

Mr Rasmeni asked if there were any set requirements laid down, or if it was policy to refer only to designations of delegates in official documents.

A member of the Committee asked if there were in fact any documents that carried the names of officials and their positions.

The Chairperson agreed with Mr Mokoena that these references would be useful for historical purposes.  He said that he would ask the Committee Secretary if there was a set procedure or precedent for this.

Mr Mokoena noted that he had picked up many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the report. He asked if there was a problem with editing, if there was a backlog and whether other departments had the same problem.

Ms Kakaza (Committee Secretary) said that there was a control procedure for editing

Mr D Maluleke (ANC) stated that there was a problem with the editing in the Portfolio Committee and that there were delays, with members receiving reports late.

Mr Rasmeni wanted to know if a "Friendly South African" campaign existed, or if this was meant to be "Proudly South African".

Mr J Durand (Parliamentary Officer: DEAT) said that "Friendly South African" was correct, as the Department  was trying to promote friendliness in South Africa, especially towards tourists.

The Chairperson said that maybe "Friendly South Africa" was a more appropriate phrase.

Mr Mokoena pointed out that some points needed to be highlighted or emphasised more, such as St Lucia and the settlement of land claims

The Chairperson said that he did not understand the statement, “ the major challenges reported during the period under review relate to unexpected results yielded by external public participation processes”. He asked the Departmental representatives to explain.

Mr Durand said that because there was a land claim, the National Parks decided to meet with the Chiefs to discuss land distribution.  Some had agreed but others had refused, and the disagreement was the "unexpected result" that was being referred to.

The Committee adopted the Report, with amendments.

Committee Report on Department’s Annual Report 2006 and Budget Vote 2007/8
The Chairperson led the Committee through the Report. Members effected several grammatical and technical amendments. The comment was made that it was unfair only to refer to Ms Pamela Yako, (Director General; DEAT) as there were other delegates also present.

The Report was adopted, with amendments.

The meeting was adjourned.


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