Second Quarter Expenditure Report: Feedback

Budget Committee on Appropriation

14 March 2008
Chairperson: Ms L Mabe (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Members discussed the Second Quarter Expenditure Report, and made further amendments to it. The Committee adopted its minutes of several past meetings, without amendments.

Meeting report

Committee Report on Second Quarter Expenditure
The Chairperson recalled that the Committee had already adopted the Report in principle. However, Members were waiting for additional information before it could finalise the Report.

Mr Khaya Mfono, Researcher, Parliamentary Research Unit, informed Members of all notable amendments that were now included in the Report. Members proposed further amendments, which were mainly grammatical in nature.

Members stated that they were not only interested in the total spending by Departments but also in the value of that expenditure. The Department of Public Enterprises was criticised for excessive funding and requesting additional funding.

The Committee noted that there was no actual information in the Report that indicated which departments under spent and the areas in which they had under spent.

Members noted that their recommendations were usually ignored by Departments. As a result, it was suggested that all the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Directors-General be summoned to appear before the Committee, to answer whether they had implemented the recommendations made by the Committee.

It was noted that the Committee had already adopted this Report, and therefore did not need to do so again.

Adoption of Committee Minutes
The Committee considered and adopted all its outstanding minutes from the previous year, without amendments. These were proceedings held on the 19 October, 31 October and 2, 6 and 8 November 2007 as well as the minutes of meetings held this year on 30 January, 21 February and 22 February of, without amendments.

The meeting was adjourned.


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