Committee Reports on Castle Control Board & Armscor Annual Reports and Committee Programme: discussion

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Defence and Military Veterans

19 February 2008
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Meeting Summary

Members of both Committees discussed a number of solutions with regards to the attendance challenges at Committee meetings. The lack of attendance occurred mainly due to the clashing of various meetings which Members had to attend. The issue regarding the adopting of Committee business in the absence of all Members was discussed, and it was proposed that an arrangement between the two Committees be made.

The Committee discussed preliminary arrangements for the upcoming closed meeting to be held on the following day. Its Reports on the Castle Control Board, Department and Armscor 2006/7 Annual Reports were discussed but not adopted. Outstanding Committee minutes were discussed but not adopted.

Meeting report

Committee Report on Castle of Good Hope Annual Report 2006/7
Dr G Koornhof (ANC) suggested that Parliament deal with the Annual Report as legislatively required, but also that it be referred to Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) as the “zest” of the document was an Auditor-General’s report on the institution. He suggested that SCOPA or a tiny Committee contingent embark on an onsite visit to the Castle and that oversight efforts between the Committee and SCOPA be dovetailed. SCOPA was predominantly the Parliamentary entity that dealt with problems relating to asset management and compliance with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA).

The Chairperson suggested that the Committee make its own evaluations and recommendations and present those to SCOPA.

The Report was not adopted.

Committee Report on Department and Armscor Annual Report 2007
Members discussed predominantly technical and grammatical amendments that needed to be effected to the Report, as well as the challenges and financial implications pertaining to the Rooivalk helicopter. No finalization with regards to the Rooivalk was made and the Committee agreed to have another meeting on the recommendations. Members agreed to make the necessary amendments on the Report, which should be received by the next meeting.
Committee Annual Report 2007 and Amended First Term Programme
These were not adopted as they needed to be considered further.
Adoption of outstanding Committee Minutes
The Committee considered its minutes of meetings held. None were adopted as further amendments needed to be effected.
The meeting was adjourned.


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