Committee Report on Consultation Visit on Children's Amendment Bill [B19-2006]: discussion; Committee First Term Programme: adoption

Social Development

23 January 2008
Chairperson: Ms H Bogopane-Zulu (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee evaluated its Report of its trip to Pretoria to consult National Departments on the Children’s Bill. The Report was unsatisfactory and it was proposed that it be revised to contain further detail. The Committee adopted its 2008 Programme, without amendments

Meeting report

Committee Report on Pretoria visit to consult National Departments on the implementation of the Children’s Bill
The Chair asked the Portfolio Committee Secretary, Ms Z Vice, to present the Report to the Committee. Once Ms Vice had completed the presentation of the Report, the Chair gave the opportunity to Members to suggest and discuss amendments and appendages.

Ms H Weber (DA) noted that the Report was supposed to give people who had not been present at the meetings a clear understanding of what was accomplished. She expressed her concern regarding the Report’s lack of detail.

The Chair agreed and added that, although she attended the trip, she could not make sense of what the Report was attempting to communicate.

Ms Vice noted that Parliament’s management had rejected the first draft of the Report she had drafted, saying that it was too lengthy. She was encouraged to edit it.

The Chair retorted that Parliament’s management did not have any authority over the format of the Portfolio Committee’s Reports. The committee should not adopt the Report, and rather permit Ms Vice to rework the severe editing and correct the errors made.

The committee supported the Chair’s proposal

The Chair noted that the Committee would reconsider the amended report at its next meeting.

Committee 2008 Programme
The Chair asked the Committee to read through the Committee programme for the following three months, and state whether the programme was suitable.

The Committee accepted the Programme, without amendments..

Meeting Adjourned.


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