Committee’s Lohatla Report: deliberations

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Defence and Military Veterans

06 November 2007
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

6 November 2007
Mr. F Bhengu (ANC)

Documents handed out
Committee Lohatla Report [Not available to the public]

Not Recorded

Committee’s Lohatla Report
The Chair asked the Members if there had read the Report, which dealt with the investigation into the shooting of nine South African soldiers during a military exercise at the Lohatla Military Base. He asked whether Members had any recommendations.

Dr E Schoeman (ANC) pointed out that the responses to the Report of both this Committee and the Joint Standing Committee on Defence should be ascertained..

The Chair agreed and suggested that a meeting would have to be scheduled to deal with some of the concerns raised by Dr Schoeman.

Members proceeded to effect certain technical amendments.

The Report would be considered further at the next meeting.

Adoption of minutes
The Committee effected certain technical and grammatical amendments to its minutes of meeting held on 9 October, and adopted the minutes.

The meeting was adjourned.





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